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Saraswaty Press a flashback

The run began in 1923 at Barisal, Bangla Desh, to propagate nationalist literature . As the run gathered momentum, the hub of the revolutionary movement shifted to College Street, in 1925. The publishing house warranting more space to accommodate the expending work load. In 1939, it was another fast forward move to Forward House Calcutta.

By the time of Independence, the Press was well ensconced in business. In giant leap forward came in 1958 when it had had to move yet again to the current work place at 11 Barrackpore Trunk Road, Calcutta which was indigenously designed to factor in the future scope of expansion.

By continuously moving along the cutting edge of technology, it stood out as veritably the Best in Printing in Eastern India gathering innumerable awards for ‘Excellence in Printing' from many august bodies including those  from DAVP.

The pursuit of excellence had been achieved by importing sophisticated machinery installed by printing technologists from UK and Germany and operated by experienced technicians who have been periodically undergoing specialized training to keep pace with the emerging technologies.

Perfect Solutions for Better Performance :-

1984 the company was nationalized.

It embarked upon a Long Term Modernization Plan, on different modes, each for specific project.

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Tender No. SPL-201905-0011 invites offer from Paper Mills/Authorised dealers for supply of 16 M. Tons above 85 degree brightness 70 gsm, Size- 56 cm X 81 cm in sheet Maplitho paper.

Tender No. SPL-201905-0010 invites offer from Authorised Dealers for supply of Server Computer with following configuration.

Tender No. SPL-201905-0009 invites sealed offers from Paper Mills / Genuine Buyers of paper Scrap for “pulping of unsold Lottery Tickets”.

Tender No. SPL-201905-008 invites sealed offer for disposal of various old obsolete items at our three units.

Tender No. SPL-201904-007 invites offer from Paper Mills/Authorised dealers for supply of Reel Maplitho Paper and Sheet Maplitho Paper.

Tender No. SPL-201904-0006 invites sealed offers from Vendors for supply of Jute Bag.

Corrigendum against Tender No. SPL-201904-0005

Tender No. SPL-201904-0005 invites sealed offer from experienced vendors for rate contract of highly confidential work, e.g. supply & evaluation of OMR, Pre & Post examination documents processing.

Tender No. SPL-201904-0004 invites from Suppliers/Dealers for supply of different Stationery items as per sheet for annual rate contract.

Tender No. SPL-201904-0003 invites sealed offer from reputed Manufacturer / Dealer for supply of the approx. 500 pcs Plastic Pallet.

Tender No. SPL-2019 04-0001 for supply of the approx. 30,000 pcs Type–A Drug Box & 15,000 pcs Type–B Drug Box.

Tender No. SPL-2019 04-0104 for dismantling and replacement of old asbestos sheet with TATA blue scope sheet approx. area 3,250 sq. mtr.

Tender No. SPL-2019 03-00103 for supply of 4 Nos. Goods Elevator (Lift), installation & Commissioning at SPL-I, SPL-II & Unit-III.

Tender No. SPL-2019 03-00102 invites sealed offer from vendors who are registered with the relevant statutory authorities e.g. Service Tax/GST, PF & ESI for printing of various items.

Tender No. SPL-2019 03-00101 invites sealed offer from reputed transporters who are registered with the relevant statutory authorities e.g. GST, PF & ESI for transportation of printed materials.

Tender No. SPL-2019 03-00100 invites sealed tenders from reputed manufacturers/Dealer for supply of Strapping roll and B O P P Tape.

Tender No. SPL-2019 03-0099 invites offer from suppliers for supply of (1) 3 Ply Jute Twine (2) 5 Ply Jute Twine.

Tender No. SPL-2019 03-0098 invites from Manufacturer/Dealers for supply of 3 , 5 & 7 Ply CFC Box of different sizes for annual rate contract from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020.

Tender No. SPL-2019 03-0097 invites sealed offer from genuine buyers of paper scrap for disposal of various items from our unit-I press.

Tender No. SPL-2019 03-0096 invites sealed tenders from Paper Mills for “pulping of security & confidential paper documents” from our unit-I (SPL) press.


Invite application for the post of Company Secretary on contract basis.

Invite application for the posts of Management Trainee, Security Supervisors On contract and Security Guards On Contract.

Invite application for Trainee Printing Technologists, Security Supervisor on contract and Security Guards on contract.