Saraswaty Press Ltd


Precondition for Vendors participating in Tender
1. For Tender details and any amendment please see our and
2. The company reserves the right to accept, negotiate or reject any or all offers with any vendor at company's own discretion.
3. A vendor and its associated companies would be treated as ineligible/disqualified, in case of any on-going litigation for similar products and services with Saraswaty Press Ltd. or the Government of West Bengal or any West Bengal Government Enterprise.

Validity Period Tender Description pdf_dwl
20.02.2018 to 26.02.2018 Tender No SPL-201802-0087 for supply of 70 GSM 51 CM Maplitho Paper download
14.02.2018 to 21.02.2018 Tender No. SPL-2018-02-0086 for Renovation 172X70=12040 Sqft. Thickness 5” RCC Floor download
14.02.2018 to 21.02.2018 Tender No. SPL-2018-02-0085 for Renovation of Boundary Wall outside portion at SPL- II download
14.02.2018 to 21.02.2018 Tender No. SPL-2018-02-0084 for Construction of structural shed with blue scope sheet download
10.02.2018 to 13.02.2018 Tender No. SPL-2018-02-83 for Supply of (1)14x10 inch Cloth Pasting Brown Colour Envelope download
09.02.2018 to 23.02.2018 Inviting application from Retired Defence Personnel for filling up the following post on Contract Basis download
09.02.2018 to 24.02.2018 Tender No. SPL-2018-01-82 for construction of M.S.Iron Structural work at Saraswaty Press download
03.02.2018 to 05.02.2018 Tender No.SPL/2018-02-0081 for supply of 1,00,000 Pcs of Brown Cloth Line Envelope download
03.02.2018 to 06.02.2018 Tender No.SPL/2018-02-0080 for Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Split Air Conditioners of 3 Ton download
20/01/2018 to 30/01/2018 Tender No. SPL/2018-01-0079 for renovation of the Accounts Department of our Company download
16/01/2018 to 27/01/2018 Tender No. SPL-2018-01-78 for water & oil painting of exterior walls download
11/01/2018 to 15/01/2018 TENDER NO. SPL/2018-01-0077 for supply of Banner Size 2ft X 3ft Course Material Thick Material download
08/01/2018 to 17/1/2018 TENDER NO. SPL/2018-01-0076 from paper Mills for supply of 85 CM 45 GSM News Print download
08/01/2018 to 08/01/2018 TENDER NO. SPL-2018-01-0075 is to be treated as cancelled download
07/12/2017 to 11/12/2017 Tender No.SPL-201712-0074 for for supply of 3000 pcs Sheet Calender-1 Card download
07/12/2017 to 15/12/2017 Tender No. SPL-201711-0073 for repairing work of Unit- I in R C C roof download
02/12/2017 to 08/12/2017 Tender No.SPL-201712-0072 for section sewing hard board download
02/12/2017 to 12/12/2017 Tender No.SPL-201712-0071 from Paper Mill/Dealer for supply of 80 gsm, 86 cm Maplitho Paper download
29/11/2017 to 11/12/2017 Tender No.SPL-201711-0070 from Paper Mill for supply of 60 gsm, 61 cm Crème wove Paper download
27/11/2017 to 04/12/2017 Tender No.SPL-201711-0069 from Paper Dealers for supply of 70 gsm A4 Copier Paper download
24/11/2017 to 04/12/2017 Tender No. SPL-201711-0068 for a structural Shade for canteen in SPL - I download
23/11/2017 to 27/11/2017 Tender No.SPL-201711-0067 from Paper Mill / Dealer for supply of 60 gsm, 23” X 36” Crème Wove Paper download
15/11/2017 to 22/11/2017 Tender No.SPL-201711-0066 for supply of 52 gsm, wide reel Crème Wove Paper download
04/11/2017 to 15/11/2017 Tender No.SPL-201711-0065 for supply of security paper with SPL Water Mark and fluorescent fiber download
04/11/2017 to 14/11/2017 Tender No.SPL-201711-0064 for supply of 52/54 gsm, 52 cm wide reel Crème Wove Paper download
04/11/2017 to 04/11/2017 Tender No.SPL201711-0063 is to be treated as cancelled download
03/11/2017 to 16/11/2017 Tender No.SPL-201711-0063 for supply of 45 gsm 75 cm wide reel download
01/11/2017 to 07/11/2017 Tender No.SPL-201711-0062 for supply of different types of item download
25/10/2017 to 10/11/2017 Tender No.SPL-201710-0061 for invited Technology Partner for installation of Hybrid Printing System download
25/10/2017 to 07/11/2017 Tender No.SPL-201710-0060 for supply of different type of Fire Extinguisher download